hey, i'm searching for an alder guitar and jackson uses a lot of it in dinky's wich i'm looking into at the moment. but i also have an ibanez and ibanez and jackson have both different ways for a bolt-on. so the question is, is it annoying to use a jackson when your used to ibanez bolt-on(easy acces i believe) since the jackson is pretty much a block where the ibanez is different?
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I like the ibanez. but thats just me.
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but did you try both and were you bothered by the block that's on a jackson? or the other way around
Wise Man Says: The guitar is obviously female, she's got hips, breasts... and a hole.
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I have a Ibanez s470 and owned a jackson dkmg. I have them both right here at the moment... The emghz's suck campaired to the ibanez stock pups LOL.. The LFR dont stay intune as good as the ZR bridge and the ibanez is a tad bit thinker in the neck. As for the bolt joints.... its not a big deal for me. Not a bigg difference. I am glad i sold this jackson for this ibanez.
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when i go between the two i generally feel as though the jackson is fine and the ibanez is better not the ibanez is how bolt ons should be and the jackson is akward if ya get what i mean. like sure the ibanez all access is better but its definately not too hard to use a jackson bolt on, very similar to a strat

EDIT: too above, the new model dinkys in that series come with proper duncans now and the floyds are far more reliable and less hit or miss
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I've played variety of Jackson guitars and one thing that stopped me buying one was the neck joint. It's horrible, really ruins the playability.
Really, the neck joint shouldn't make TOO much of a difference... but you're best trying both brands out, to see if you like it or you hate it.
I like Jackson better than Ibanez. (lolbias)
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