My girlfriends Dad has just given me a full PA system all in perfect working order. I've got three mics one being wireless.

So what's the best way of getting your gutiar sounds through a PA? I know you can plug your gutiar straight into it but I want my amp sound through it. How do I do that? Mic the amp and somehow not get feedback or can you simply plug my amp into the PA?

Also is there any chance that I can blow something up?! A friend blow his stack up recently from fiddling too much and not knowing what he was doing.
place a mic before the amp and you are done..best sound that way
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Just put the microphones far away from the speakers, and possibly also behind the speakers (pointing away).
So no putting the mic in my mouth. Damn it!!

Cheers guys I'll have a good fiddle later.

Then I'll try out the PA!
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