hi there!
2years ago i bought The Harkte Piggy Back. it was "okay" because of the price (300&euro. but now i need a new head.. because it doesn't fit to my wishes..

sry, I only have a german link, but he description is in english.

the distortion channel sucks...really.... AND because it has 60W, it really doesn't SOUND at low volume... i read something about a trigger. so you can turn the 60W to 20W or somethin. but the hartke doesn't have one...

My Guitar is an Ibanez SA-S32 (http://www.musik-service.de/Gitarre-Ibanez-SAS-32-FMTL-prx395749902de.aspx)

my question:
Should I only replace the head? then: what do you think, what amp fits?
my musicstyle is mostly rock. ACDC, GnR, Nickelback, bit aerosmith, metallica, also thin lizzy...
but I also need a good clean channel. something for blues etc. mark knopfler etc.

or should I also buy a new box? than what gears would be good?

I don'T want to spend too much. i mean, would be cool to have a diezel :P
round 500€ is okay.

pls help
well, ytou need a new head, try out a marshall dsl as they are quite versitile, or maybe a peavey xxx.

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Is very good, and very versatile, but a valve head would be a good direction to go.


A tiny terror would be very good, but it's not too loud, do you intend on gigging? It would probably handle as small gig through a 4x12 though.



Maybe look for a used marshall head.