Hi, I was wanting to customize my RG350DX: http://app.infopia.com/img/image/fp/vpid/1530688

and make it look like the Ibanez JEM7V. I love the look of the JEM, but I just can't spend $2000 on it. I've been looking on different forums and have seen people saying that with a few mods (such as changing the pickups), the quality would be just as a good as a JEM. However, I wanted to go beyond just changing the pickups. I wanted to also do these things:

Transplant volume/tone knobs from my Stratocaster
Paint pickup-switcher white, or get another
Paint strap knobs gold
Paint screws gold
Paint bridge gold
Paint tuning knobs/keys gold
Paint truss rod cover gold

Now as far as painting the neck inlays I don't know how I'd do that. I figured after I had removed the current fret markers I could have someone stencil the "vine-of-life" shape in.

My main question is that are those things listed above possible? I supposed that I'd use some car spraypaint and have to sand some things down first, but is that possible on the material that the screws, knobs, and truss rod cover are made of?

Thanks to anyone who helps out.
i can imagine painting the fretboard wouldn't look quite what you want it to.
Transplant volume/tone knobs from my Stratocaster:
Ok, but keep the volume knob the same, as thats what Vai actually has it like.

Paint pickup-switcher white, or get another:
Seems ok, I'd get another.

Paint strap knobs gold:
I'd buy some gold ones personally.

Paint screws gold:
JEM screws arent gold.

Paint bridge gold:
Get a gold Edge pro trem, its exactly whats on the JEM and you won't have to have any shoddy gold paint jobs.

Paint tuning knobs/keys gold:
Depends what yours are made out of, if they're made out of metal it'll come off easily.

Paint truss rod cover gold:
Thats fine but i think the JEM has a black one not sure. .

Oh and it won't sound exactly like it as the body on the jem is alder and you have bass wood, you have an egde III trem instead of a proper edge (not sure if its edge pro or not) also they put more care into making the jems as they're more expensive.
You can't just remove the current inlays. They're inlayed into the fretboard, a hole with their shape was opened and they were glued in there.
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you may consider buying a jem neck off ebay

and i suggest buying the new bridge, and tuners, because those are extremely important parts, and i doubt the gold finish would look good. The only thing i heard off that works on chrome is that duplicolour stuff, and it only comes in like yellow, orange, and shit like that
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That Duplicolor stuff on chrome hardware will just look like gold paint and it'll probably annoy the hell out of you when it messes the mechanism of the parts.

I'm not sure about the specs of the tuners on the model you want, but consider the Gold tuners from Guitar Fetish.

They also sell tuner conversion bushings in case the holes on your neck have a larger diameter.