Here is a song I just finished up...I've been working on it on and off for about a week now when not in class. I'm guessing it would be considered symphonic metal or something, to me it sounds like a mix of Nightwish and Blind Guardian. Anyways, give it a listen and tell me what you think...I'll do the same for you.

Edit: It should be working now...i don't know what happened
Bimini Road.zip
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the keys are annoying, and bar 36 is the only that feels like it holds value, along with the piano interlude. also the bass seems to be off in places, i can see this being a great song but it needs some serious spicing up

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Theres some good stuff in there, but it doesn't seem to hold a one certain idea behind everything, each different section seems to go off on its own a bit. I did like it though, just needs refining.
The harmony in the first section was way too obvious, like perfect unisons, and perfect octaves. Plus, the keys kinda droned on and drowned a lot of it out. Needs a chord change earlier. Then the first "verse" is too boring, rhythm and harmony.

EDIT: I listened to the rest of it, and the harmony continues to bore. Too many octave and power chords. Also, when the keys are playing power chords and the guitar is just doubling the melody an octave or two up (Bar 48 or so) pick some other notes. Don't do any, "Well the piano is playing a B5 so the guitar should play a B!" Pick some thirds, sixths, sevenths etc. And there is no interesting rhythm throughout the whole track. Too many half and whole notes.

EDIT 2: Also, there are too many changes of the feel of the song. It goes from really quick and all 32nd notes to nothing but whole notes. Bad transitions, basically.

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The keys aren't really there to be keys when they go with the guitar...i was just looking to make the guitar sound like it had some kind of phaser or effect like that on it because i was playing it with one. Thats why they play the same notes most of the time. Yeah I see where it changes a lot...but i listen to a lot of dream theater and stuff like that so thats where that influence comes from.