yesterday i got a line 6 spider 3 30 watt and i'm not sure if im impressed or disapointed with it

its kinda weird
on the one hand the insane channel is really good and gives a amzeing high gain metal sound
and the clean channel is great to aspecially with some reverb
but then
there's the " crunch" channel which is just strange and i dont know how anyone could get a good sound outta that
it sounds like my crappy squire 10 watt
and the metal channel is ok but i dont see how it changes from the insane other than ..well its less insane

the onboard effects are good but it beats me why you would mix chorus and flange together. i cant hear any of the flange

well anyway , would it be stupid of me to upgrade to the spider 3 75watt
or would that just be throwing more money away
dont get me wrong for £170 im very happy with this 30watt
i was expecting a little more....versitility

and my second question is does anyone know how to get a good tone outta that "crunch" channel!!
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Well, definitely don't get the 75 watt instead... it would just be more crappy loudness. You're probably not going to get a very good sound out of the crunch channel, because, well; it doesn't sound good. Since you just bought it, you should be able to return it and get a new one, right? You'd probably be best off with a Roland Cube if you mostly play metal, or a Vox AD series for most other styles.
I know this is the most cliched saying in UG except Buttsex, but Line 6 has yet to construct a decent amp. I own the 75 watt spider II, same channels, same suck.
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i had the same with my spider ll give it a little time, mess with it a little.
i love mine now
Look most amps this side of a Mesa MK IV aren't going to cover all your bases. Like I love my JCM800, it's perfect for me 'cept it has no cleans but I accept this as it's a fraction of the cost of a boutique amp that would probably fix that little problem.

Having said that I'm suprised you like the bits about the Spider that you do, I hate that amp but if you're happy with the clean and insane channel I think you should be happy with the amp specially considering what you probably paid for it.

As for upgrading to a 75W, unless you need the extra volume I wouldn't upgrade til you can afford an amp that does sound just as you want it on all channels and hopefully by then you'll have grown to hate the Spider!
I wouldn't upgrade it with the same amp. If you're unhappy with it, then you'll just be more unhappy with it because it cost more and you can hear the fail more.

Personally, I think the Flexitone is alright but I'd stay away from Spiders.
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I know this is the most cliched saying in UG except Buttsex, but Line 6 has yet to construct a decent amp. I own the 75 watt spider II, same channels, same suck.

not true. the vettas and flextones are actually decent.
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