hi i have a randal g3 slant cab and i dont like the spekers in it some guy offerd me 4x G12T-75 for £30 but thay are 16 ohm and i dont know what ohm my speakers are in my cab can anyone hellp?

and will it matter if the spekers that are in now are a difforent ohm ot the celestions are and a difforent what?
all i kno about the cab is :
4 x 12" Custom Eminence Jaguar speakers (dont know what orm)
300 Watts RMS
8 Ohm mono input (maybey someone could work it out by knowing this)
definately the sound will change. however, dont just jump for the T-75's. Theyre great speakers but you might not like the sound of them either. And, in all fairness, T-75s x 4 should cost you around £200, so theyre probably ****ed.
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and you can get 4 16 ohm speakers to 8 ohms with a little fiddling.
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First off - don't triple post.
Second - read the cabinet sticky at the top of this page. It goes through wiring options concerning ohmage which should be useful for you.
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