Hello. To anyone who has the grunge and uses it on a SS amp, can you give me your settings which sound good. I've used it through my dads valve amp many times and it sounds good, but through my amp it sounds very uncompressed and just loose. This is probably because it is an analogue pedal with no compression, so does anyone have any tips for making it sound good?
Play around with different settings. Not entirely sure what you mean by uncompressed and loose, but if you're using it on an amp setting with distortion packed into it, you're gonna get a static noise and not much of an addition to your sound. Make sure your amp is set to sound as clean as possible then turn the pedal on. Also make sure your high and low end knobs are balanced and your grunge aint too high. That's about the best you can do.
Yeah, it's on the clean channel (a damn sexy clean channel if i may say). I never stack distortions, its just a mess. By uncompressed, i mean that it is a very loose sounding distortion and is very grainy, but through a valve amp is is a tight chunky beast, thats the best i can describe it.

Also, im using a Carvin SX-100 amp, its a great amp.
I see. Mne usually sounds pretty tight and smooth. Try cranking up your high end knob, maybe try putting a little twang in your amp.
When I turn the high up, it's way too harsh and grainy, so i keep it at about 12 o'clock and the bass at 3 o'clock. What kind of amp do you use?