Poll: favourite colour on strat?
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two tone sunburst
5 9%
three tone sunburst
15 27%
2 4%
8 14%
4 7%
2 4%
1 2%
surf green
5 9%
pure white
9 16%
other (specify)
5 9%
Voters: 56.
just interested to know what everyone's favourite colour on a strat is.
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3 tone sunburst or 2tone sunburst hmm... yup 3
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Cream, metallic blue, or satin natural ash.
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I love pure white on a Strat.
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I dig cream on strats.
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I love the tobacco sunburst job on mine.

or i like olympic white
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Cream on strats, see thru blue on soloist bodys.

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cream - off white
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Three Tone Sunburst, I usually like it with an Amber Mirror Pickguard.
Three tone sunburst for everyone else, red for me so I stand out lol
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One down...
love midnight wine..it goes more purple where its worn aswell which I like