This year I've been seriously considering what I wanna do in college. For a while now, even before this year, I've wanted to go into the medical field, most likely surgery. Today I did some research on various aspects of being and becoming a surgeon. I'm now convinced. This is the only thing that I feel like I would really enjoy doing. Besides the obvious financial motivation, the atmosphere of hospitals and helping people seems to be exceedingly appealing.

SO, are there any people on UG who are in the process of, or already have become a doctor? How long did it take from the year you first entered college till the year you begun your specialization, if you did? Any regrets?
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I thought this was going to be a thread dedicated to those "OMG MY PENIS HURTS AND I THINK I MAY HAVE A YEAST INFECTION!!!!1!!1!!1111!!one!11!!!11!!!!eleven!!1" of '06.

But no, I've never considered a field in medicine. I would love to help people and all, but I have a fear of needles, and just the fact of me seeing someone or me actually cutting into someone is just.....

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I thought the exact same fallenangel20 . I just can't stand cutting things up (that's why I dropped bio two years ago) or the whole hospital atmosphere. It's not my thing.
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