my bands new song
since last time i posted it ive added a new intro, a bass solo, and some sick drumming
tell me how you like it and ill be sure to get back at you
the link is in the sig
A good variety of styles, the move from the arpeggio part to the full chord part seemed a little forced. Nice bassline as well. The record quality was good.

Could you please crit my song? Your heart is our beatbox
i dont like how the intro goes into the chords, seems pushed (kinda like its too sudden or not bought in properly) and at times the drums seemed a tad bit off time with everything else. other than that i liked it.

i agree with the other guy that it sounded somewhat reggae. nothing wrong with that though.

nice job.
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I like the style, sounds pretty good... my only complaint is the tempo of the drums speeds up and slows down in certain parts. I do like some of the reggae beats layed down haha, and the bass line is pretty catchy.

crit? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=515348
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so far i like it. Good quality too. i like the increase in tempo as well. good stuff man it could use some vocals though haha. i like the bass line... at the beginning it sounded off time a little but its a nice walking line!.
I like the upbeat feel, and reggae parts. MAybe to make the progression from intro to chords better add a drum fill. Other than that good job. The bass should be turned up a bit since it has a good line too. Thanks for the crit.
the bassline was sweet. the drums were off a lil. the reggae feel was kinda cool. vocals will make it even better. keep workin on it . sounded good tho. keep it up
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