hi im currently managing 2 bands (my band included) and i got the other band im mananging a gig for the battle of the bands and that was just giving to me by a boking agency so i just have a few questions.

1.How do you actually get a gig. Do i call the venue or something.

2.Does it usually cost money.

3.Any thing you can tell me would be great thanx
I'm not really qualified to reply, but i would suggest yes calling venues is great idea.
offer to do one show for nothing then negotiate a price if the show goes down well. don't play any more than 1 show for free each place or theyll take you for a ride. (maybe this bad idea altogether)
try to get repeat business, regular slots are great but you'd have to have plenty different songs to play not just same ones again and again. visit a few places and enquire if they have live music on.
set up a myspace site for your band and advertise your gigs on there.
perhaps you could pay for some studio time and get a recording together. you can reproduce your own material on a pc and sell cd's at the venues you play

perhaps this is bad advice but it makes sense to me.

try to advertise as much as you can for your bands.

and i would imagine you get paid for it not the other way round. or you'll make no money
i dont know the going rate for local bands tho maybe soemone else can help here

and the usual crap go with spare gear. ur own transport would be great. get used to setting ur gear up and back down again
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first your'e gunna need to get the some stuff recorded, then you just e-mail or ring up clubs and pubs and ask how you go about getting a gig at their venue, they will probably ask if you have a website with some stuff to listen to or if you don't then they will probably ask you to drop round a cd with some stuff on or something
the way most clubs work is that they require you to sell a certain number of tickets (usually 25-30, something like that) and then you get a percentage of the money from however many tickets you sell
The easiest way to get gigs is to find other bands that play a similar style of music and already get good gigs, and then offer to play opening slot for them. Then cut a demo if you have the money, or try to record a show. Once you've got your name out there people will start asking you play places.

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one tip: if you are ever offered a situation where YOU have to pay to play the gig,don't, rarely, if ever does that help you,

now if you have to sell a certain amount of tickets preshow, that is ok, because u still have the opportunity to make money
Band managers don't book gigs......
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As much as I'm not a fan of it; Myspace cna be really good for finding gigs, promoting gigs and making connections with other local bands. A lot of regular concerts that always look for new bands use myspace as a medium to quickly audition people.

Get a few decent recordings on the web or out to places that you know have live music.

Hold your own concert if you're feeling adventurous?
The best way to get a gig is to just go to other gigs and try to get to know the people running the venue. Having those people as friends is the best way to get an opportunity to play.
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-record a demo if you can, or at least get a website
-call clubs, or make a personal appearance and inquire about gigging
-don't put up any money to play a show unless you KNOW you're gonna make a profit.
-try to get a contract in case they refuse to pay or try to cancel you

depending on the club, you'll get different responses. Lots of places only want cover bands that will go up and play 3 50-minute sets of radio hits and nothing else. Some places allow you to play originals, but still ask for some covers. Some places only require that you can play some music from 9 till 1, and they don't care who wrote it.

If your bands don't have 150 mins of material ready to go, try to get booked as an opening act, or on a showcase or festival. This is best accomplished by GOING TO OTHER PEOPLE'S SHOWS and schmoozing your band into an opening gig sometime. Make friends, know names, and keep up appearances. Being in the "scene" makes gigs just kinda come your way.
My band just started gigging, and i'll contribute what i've got.

First and foremost, get something recorded. Its very rare that a club will hire you for a show without hearing you, and its not like they're going to come to your recording area for a sample.
Another handy thing is to go to bars and such, for the shows. Meet the people who set up shows, get to know them...connections = good.
Call and or e-mail like people above said, and then get them access to your recordings.
Like someone else said, know your market too. Don't promote your original band at a place that books exclusively cover bands, and vice versa.

Also, some after the fact tips we've established. 1) Send friends of the band to local bars the week of the show and have them casually chat up your show. "Hey, hear about (BAND)? They're having a show this week at (BAR). You shoudl check em out. If you know smooth, chatty people, it helps. 2) If you get money for your gig...put it right back into the bar. At least a portion of it, buy drinks (provided you're of age) for people in attendance. This makes you a fan favorite because you display a good time, and a bar favorite because they make money off of you....which makes them more willing to bring you back.

Good Luck
A lot of my friends are event/gig organizers, so I don't really have a problem. All I have to do is tell them I'm ready to perform, demonstrate, and I'm go-go.

2.Does it usually cost money.

Not meaning to be cocky, but we usually get paid, rather than pay to perform. Of course, if you suck really bad, but still want to perform, you can pay them.
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