i i need to get a better bass amp made to play shows at local venues. i play guitar and have my stuff, but i need a bass combo because i know alot of people who need bassists and i have been getting asked alot to play in some bands but i only have a 35w bass amp. so any suggestions. Im trying to find a nice inexspensive amp to do the job.

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Ashdown MAG300 stuff is top. They do a 1x15 combo, a 4x10 combo or a head and cab job. The 115 and 410 are both well priced and are very loud. Electric Blue by ashdown is also good but only 130 watt or 180 watt. they are both very good too. You never need anything bigger than that, venues requiring more than bout 200 watts should have a PA there.
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im also having the same problem
budget: around $250
im just looking for a good combo
To someone who is looking for a decent Bass Amp for cheap I will always reccomend the Fender Rumble series. You should be able to get the Rumble 60 for $250. Great all around amps. Decent volume decent EQ capabilities. Nothing fancy just a good bass amp.
I agree with the Fender Rumble suggestion.
If you can, however, the Pro400 by Fender is a great bargain and a perfect amp for any occasion, gigs or small clubs you won't need anything fancier or bigger.
Let me know what you decided to eventually buy