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I just got adicted to Jim Dunlop USA "Big Stubby 3.0mm Picks". These picks kick ass because they make pinch harmonix easy and they are extremely fast (after a couple hours of playing). What is your favorite pick and why?
Damn, 3mm?! Common! That's, like, waaaaaay too thick!

I play Dunlops .78, the white ones with artwork.
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fender M/H and Mediums.
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Oh, and when I don't have a pick around, I use the 2 rouble coin \m/ , just like Brian May, only he used British money, but it doesn't matter, does it?
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I really like Dunlop Jazz III's. They're so tiny but comfortable to play for me. Then again, I don't really do any pinch harmonics a lot, but it is easier to pick and strum for me with them.
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i have this fender 60th aniversary one. its so grippy its yummy.

its also green

and was free. yay
3 mm big stubbies are amazing for shred because they have no give in them, so i can tremelo pick like jesus on crack.

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Dunlop tortishell pics, Heavy
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I use Fender Mediums. They're pretty nice and my local shop sells them in packs of 12 so I can just stock up when needed.
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75 mm Preformer, Easy to tremolo pick with and dont bend (in time) as easy as some of the other smaller picks do
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I use Dunlop Tortex 1.14.

Thicker doesn't allow for precise alternate picking and thinner doesn't keep stiff enough to pick accurately.
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I don't like the Big Stubbies, they "plink" on my strings, and sound too mellow, so I tried going down to 2mm, but they couldn't take downpicking without bending the tip, so I now use 1mm Tortex.
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Damn, 3mm?! Common! That's, like, waaaaaay too thick!

I play Dunlops .78, the white ones with artwork.

Have you seen the picks that gypsy jazz guitarists play with? 3.5mm are not uncommon. Wegen Picks carry picks even thicker.


Dunlop 1mm Tortex triangles. They are nice and stiff, without getting too stiff. If I used stiffer/thicker picks it would sound bad because I hit the strings so hard.

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Dunlop .60s, they dont bend and good for funk stuff - I just cant use anything else.
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stubbies = bufftastic. i got one, very good for all types

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.78 tortex's, big stubby's.

The Big Stubby is getting to be my new favorite pick fast.
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Big stubby, 1mms.
They're thin but they dont bend around like other picks, but saying that mine shattered into a million peices because i dropped my amp onto it. But I loved it anyways. =( Too bad I can't find them anymore.
I dont really like the Big Stubbys, i find they squeak on the strings to much. I preffer Dunlop Tortex. The blue ones.
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Dava ones with a rubber grip that I peel off at the picking end, they look about 1mm. And roswell crash sites.
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Tortex Green and Purple.
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Dean Markley LH. Really thin suckers but made out of stiff plastic of some sort. I don't really know, I just know I like them.
Tortex 0.77. I lost mine and I'm playing with a 1.13.. I hate it.
I used the Ibanez Artist Paul Gilbert picks.. very nice.
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