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I have an Ibanez GSA60 (25.5 inch scale, strat-style tremolo)
I've been using D'addario .10's on it for a few years now, but only recently have I decided to check the intonation. I've had no problems, I just wanted to make sure.

I did the low E first. My Korg tuner said it was 20 cents sharp at the 12th fret. I had to move the saddle back almost all the way, and it's still a bit sharp now, although not as much. Is it normal to have the saddle this far back?

Also, the 12th fret HARMONIC isn't the same pitch as an open string. Is this my tuner picking up overtones or what? The needle tends to point upwards for some time, then as the note rings out for longer, it moves to the flat side.
What's the problem here?

Thanks in advance
well the way i was taught you just accept the change to a flat as a flat note. And retune it a bit sharper. I am having a hard time understanding exaclly what you are saying becuase i do my antonation changes differently and i have a different tuner.
Yeah, sorry, that didn't make much sense.

-when my string is perfectly in tune, the 12th fret harmonic isn't. What do I do?
-I tried to intonate my guitar, and I had to pull the saddles all the way back. Is this normal?

Is that a bit clearer?
all i could say to you is the best hing to do in time of intonation is take it to a guitar tech becuase its a very frustrating thing to deal with and will wind up taking forever to do.
Make sure you retune your guitar after every intonation adjustment. Here's how the process goes for intonation. Tune every string to pitch. Check if the 12th fret is sharp or flat. Make an appropriate adjustment. Retune the open string. Recheck the 12 fret. Repeat until the open string and the 12th fret are both in tune.

If you know someone who has a strobe tuner, use it. They're a lot more accurate and easier to read. If not, I would recommend using the built in mic on the tuner as opposed to plugging your guitar into it. I've always found you get steadier readings that way.
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