THIS is AN update OF the OTHER one its got differnet parts and its shorter and faster it has octave switches n stuff.
No Remorse 2.zip
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why dont u shut up, that took me ages to do. I give up with you guys jeeez.

Ok, maybe Evian's crit wasn't all to helpful (no offence)..

But that doesn't mean you can just tell people to piss off, when they've actually spent time listening to your piece.

But I agree with Evian, boring and repetive. But work on it, add some melody to it.
Then you might have a good piece.
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Quote by Evian
That was boring, repetitive, and overall pretty terrible.

What he said. It'll get better with more work.
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pray for plagues or off the heezay by bring me the horizon both great songs specially when ur at a pit at trhe reall show
Dude can some1 give me some examples Im like adding some cool acoustic intro but what else.
you need to learn how to use guitar pro properly. you don't change tempos in the middle of a measure, you include rests and you keep things in time.