influences include Led Zep, At the Drive-In, Bloc Party, The Mars Volta, Iggy Pop, QOTSA

im beyond caring whether its a 'punk' or 'indie' or 'metal' band i want to be in, i just want to be in a fun exciting rock band.

gimme an email or add me on tomytomtom@hotmail.com

i have a myspace too which is myspace.com/tommyliveincuba
I play bass and am looking to form a abnd, how old are you?, message back.
Hey man i will be moving to the Manchester area very soon and every band that you named up there i like. I can play many instruments. I dont particluarly care how old you are im 18 (19 in may). I love all music my main 4 influences tho are Jimi Hendrix, Bloc Party, Daft Punk, and Blink 182 so yeah i think we could gell realy easily. Just get back to me man my email address is out_guitarin@hotmail.com.