hey, this is gonna sound like a really noob question, but I've only been playing for a couple of months and every time I run into a hammer-on or pull-off I do something wrong, I've looked it up several places but every time I try to do one I can barely hear it (the sound just stops) what am I doing wrong?
Say you want to play:


You've got to make sure first that the 7 is sounding clearly. Then, with control but about of power, push your finger onto the 9th fret. You have to do it with a bit of strengh and make sure you hit the middle of the fret. The note will ring clearly then.

As for pulloffs, say you wanted to play:


You've got to hit the 9 clearly then as you pull away your finger from the 9th you sort of twang it a little bit. It just gives the note a bit of clarity. You need to play around with it, but just keep at it.
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when you hit the fret. you have to be hitting it straight down with a strong finger. on the pull-off, you need to pull back a little as you come off.
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i hope you're playing with distortion it makes things easier.

are your learning from a teacher? because if not, you might be holding the guitar in a wrong manner thus handicapping you in the use of such techniques.
its part of practice as well, but the hardest things are with hammerons to plant your finger down with enough strenght and with pullofs not to hit the other strings. you should work on that if you got the hand positioning figured out; basically the best way (at least to begin with) is with your hand wrapped round the neck almost so you could use your thumb to play the low E string.. and then your hand should be angled slightly towards, say, the headstock, so your index, middle and ringfinger can be placed on the first, third and fourth fret of the high e string. in that position doing pullofs and hammerons higher up on the neck should be easy.

damm that sounds confusing, im probably a bad teacher ^^
^^^ good explanation

also..watch that you don't accidentally brush your finger against the string whilst it's vibrating, especially with hammer ons, otherwise...the hammer on won't ring...i've learn that from trial and error...but tis all good now
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I'm teaching myself, but my older brother plays and he helped me a bit getting started, and that was a good description

this got a lot of responses really quick, thanks guys