K, Say I have a video file on my computer ( pc ) and i want to burn it on a cd and give it to someone who owns a mac.. Will it open the cd and whatnot on a mac no problem? I'm assuming yes, but I had to ask
Yeh should be fine, straight up, if not then tell them to download something like VLC player
Depends on the format of the video, if they have VLC on their mac it should play most and also you can get wmv tools for quicktime and quicktime also plays most video files BUT if you burn it on a DVD the mac can play it using it's DVD player no matter what.
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Yea, they may need to dowload VLC or dowload Flip4Mac which lets you play wmv on quicktime. These are free, just go to downloads.com
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Yes a Mac will open the CD or DvD with whatever files you have put on it. Like others have said, VLC is a must for every computer with all the codecs bundled together.