anyone know of any acoustic metal with awesome guitar? im lookin for somethin that uses alot of phrygian scale stuff.
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The only "acoustic" metal I know of is Apocalyptica, and they don't use a guitar at all.
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Rec Thread?

'Thine Eyes Bleed':

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Check out Opeth's album Damnation. Full of what you want.

My personal favorite song is Windowpane. Also check out the songs Harvest, Hope Leaves, and Isolation Years.
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I hate that album, but it is the best you're gonna get.
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impaled northern moonforest or something
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I think you can take this to the rec thread for more of what your looking for.

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I agree with saxaxe. Damnation is a great album for that stuff, good luck, I hope you find what you're looking for.
alotta Opeth's stuff is acoustic, mixed in with prog death metal or w/e u wanna call it. other than that all I can think of is TENACIOUS D! lol
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tenacious d?

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check out neo-folk

empyrium is awesome.
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