You know when you hear a part in a song and you really listen to it, and it sends a shiver down your spine, what are your favourite songs that will make ¨shiver¨.

Mine has to be in Master of Puppets between 4:47-5:06. One of the best moments in metal.
i've got a few

Jeff Buckley's Hallelujah brings tears to my eyes... The Same goes for Opeth's Hope Leaves... An I Won't See You Tonight pt. 1, by Avenged Sevenfold...
lynyrd skynyrd- simple man

green day- good riddance

bush- glycerine

death cab for cutie- I will follow you into the dark
the intro and solo to don't stop believin by journey, some parts of estranged by guns n roses, the chorus of have you ever needed someone so bad by def leppard. all amazing songs. oh and who could forget the hypnotizing, imortal "all by myself" by the creators of the guitar solo, green day
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the female vocals in "make you smile" by +44. anyone who's heard this song will know what i mean. and anyone who hasn't heard it should go listen

in fact the whole song is pretty much like this
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Brings a tear to my eye each time...
Arriving Somewhere - Porcupine Tree all over, especially the solo around 8:50.
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stairway to heaven right b4 solo and solo on HTWWW

free bird during entire solo run

bold as love solo
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the extra music on affliction by AFI, the female vocals on it with the gradual increase and such, listening to it loudly it is amazing.
also solo on demolition lovers by my chemical romance, straight to the end. wow.
lots more too many to write or remember.
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the domination solo, cemetary gates, and floods by pantera, ..and justice for all, One, and Dyer's Eve by Metallica, Tyrants by Immortal...and thats it.