Got to say that if you lot are only 13 then you have a really mature sound for your age. Was only able to listen to 3 songs as the other 2 did not work, Pedalling Slowly Home is a very good the lyrics very deep. The guitar solo was a bit loud. I would say that "this is the end" need a bit of work some of the backing vocals seem out of time and the drums seem weak. You show some great potential keep it up.

could you please crit my song? your heart is a beatbox
I'll crit as I listen.....

Magical Hole - Bit dubious about the flanger or whatever that effect is on the rhythm guitar, but from about 1:44 I really started to like this song. If it didn't sound like it was recorded in a barrel it could be really cool.

Tick Tack Attack - Sounds like Status Quo. Funny lyric. Again, very lo-fi barrelesque recording, but you can still get the idea.

Pedaling Slowly Home - Nice and different from the first two. Interesting lyrics, not bad at all.

Keep Me Company - Nice organ or whatever that instrument is. Sounds dull enough in the verses, but chorus saves it, quite dramatic.

This is the end - Nice wind! Seems to lack a bit of polish. But again, you seem to have a knack of picking up a song with your choruses. Very unusual bridge. Cool.

Some promising songs there. Good work. What does SALC stand for?

Have a listen to the songs at the link in my sig if you get a chance.
i just listened to Pedaling Slowly Home and i really liked it i love the name first of all and the lyrics were really good and deep the guitar wasnt bad and everything else was ok but i liked it alot keep it up

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thanks for all the reviews. the recording quality isn't great because we didn't have a studio or anything - just a usb mic into a computer lol

btw, what S.A.L.C stands for is unfortunately a "rock'n'roll secret" lol.. but trust me it stands for something
Smexy. =]
this is good stuff man. keep at it. it inspires me kind of.

pedalling slowly home is okay. the guitar is a bit weird? and the midiish ness of it is quite LOLish. i recommend recording real tracks and playing over them instead of doing it all with midis. lyrics and vocals are fairly good. but the midi stuff lowers the value of it all. I also liked the first one...forget what it was called. everything sounds good together and the lyrics are fairly well done. continue to work at it!

oh and lolz can you critique my song? plz?

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I listened to Pedaling Slowly Home. The intro was interesting, but you either need to change it to make it different from the verse or change the verse riff. It needs some more dynamics. the vocals are suprisingly in key (good on ya) and for being so young it'll only get better as you learn to control your voice etc. I expect good things.

Obviously you're limited by the equipment you have, but one thing I can suggest to make your drum tracks sound better is downloading Fruity Loops. It takes a bit of getting used to, but it will provide you with infinetly better sounding drum tracks. You can get it from a torrent site, I'm sure.

Other that that - I'd say think more about arrangement and adding different parts to the song and maybe shortening other parts to give the song more personality.

good luck

for being only 13 you are good, but its not really my style, but i still liked it nice job

crit mine plz? http://www.purevolume.com/boredanddown
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I agree with This End Up
just to say thanks for all the reviews, and maybe try reviewing some of the songs other than peddalling slowly home...

if you don't want to download just stream - much quicker, then visit the MySpace as linked at top
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This is pretty cool. It has catchiness of pop but edginess of rockNROLL!!! The guitar part is catchy. It could probably be mixed better and the guitar solo is a little sloppy, but most classic rock bands are sloppy. It sounds pretty good. Keep it up. The bass is kinda loud, too, but the songs are pretty catchy. Mind checking out my music? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=522091
All of these sound like they have a lot of potential. especially considering you guys are so young. I wish I was writing this well at 13. I really like "this is the end." You almost have a white stripes style going on with the all the weirdness. The vocals are pretty interesting particularly in "mistakes." Awesome. I like your sound.

crit mine?
The guitar is out of tune in Tick Tack Attack and the timing is all over the place. The singer sounds like he's holding back too.

Hahahaha, The Roads I Walk = Canon in D, but don't worry about it, it's classical, so it's okay to steal from, no copywrite issues to deal with. The one sounds a bit better. But the singer still seems to be having issues. The lead is off too, but it sounds like you have the right idea.

For being so young, these songs are a great start, keep working at it.