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There are many factors which affect the loudness of an amp. To play with a band in a medium sized gig (eg. At School) I would recommend 30 watts or more.

Don't just buy the cheapest amp just cos it's 100 watts. Don't buy the Line 6 spider, or the marshall MG.
ok what about 50w... and i will be at school.... and maybe sooner are later at parties....
100w tube amp is hearing damage
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Quote by ericgentz
100w tube amp is hearing damage

Haha mines 120W, I never really truly crank it full cause it would kill me, but thats why I love the JSX, its amazing when its quiet aswell.

Anyways, if youre looking for sufficient volume tube wise, 30W should do it. If youre going solid state, then 50W should be good, you may not even need all 50W, but headroom on a Solid State = good.
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A 30 watt valve amp.

And almost any amp can give you hearing damage if you keep your head next to the speaker for ages....
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