i have an assignment for marine science and i have no clue what experiment i could do

basically it has to do with marine animals or something on the sea

so basically the question what is a good experiment for that ? i tried googling it and they all have this complex stuff that would be impossible to do because of the materials used

i have to put this on my assigment:

topic? basically the problem to solve and the experiment is supposed to be the answer

the materials need for the experiment to be done this is a really hard part i need stuff people could buy at the store nothing like uranium or plutonium

and of course the steps to do the experiment

i appreciated guys if you could help me out with this assignment or at least direct me to a website

any help is appreciated
explosive dophins?

just an idea
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you're 18 years old dude, stop being a retard and figure out your own experiment.
you're 18 years old dude, stop being a retard and figure out your own experiment.

dude lol is not that easy

teacher specified some stuff like it has to do with marine science? so im like ok with animals what the hell do i do with animals i cant drug them or hurt them she will fail me atuomatically if i did any of the above

many of the easy experiments we did on class so it has left me very limited i could have shown experiment that salt makes people float more but that is so obvious and we already did it on class

third it has to do with stuff you could get for example salt and vinegar and stuff like that
explore the effects of sea animals and narcotics
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Put baking soda in the water and see if the fish eat it and explode?
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