Right now I have a pretty f**cked Yamaha eg112, I've had it for 3 years and I think now I deserved a nice guitar! I've been intrested in Ibenez for quite a while and this has stuck to me, can you any of you tell me if this model is good?

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I have that model. It's awesome. It feels great to play, and if you plug it into the right amp, it sounds really good.

Some people complain about the fact that it's made of agathis, but that's not a problem.

However, due to the tremolo, it doesn't always stay in tune. Also, it's not the best build quality. But mines 4 years old, and they've reworked this guitar twice since then. So I hope it's better now. I still recommend it, though. Awesome starter's guitar.
Why would you get another starter guitar if you have been playing for three years? Don't start the bad habit of shitty guitar after shitty guitar. Starter guitars are good for just that thing, they are generally playable yet cheap enough so that if you don't like it you can put it down with out losing to much money. Go a step up, save your money and get a quality Ibanez. It's worth it. Unless you still feel like a starter after three years.
I didnt know they were a starter guitar =/
Any sugesstions for reasonably priced guitars? (In pounds).
Go USED!!! Find a reputable used dealer, and a tech that will talk straight with you. You can get just about anything you could want used. I got my rr5 used for $400(us) with case. the case alone is worth about $150. The guitar is worth close to a grand. It still plays awesome. I love it. Most of the guitars i have are used. (Except for the Ibanez guitars) It's like buying a good used car. They all sound great and i didn't have to pay the premium price. Take your time and check out as many shops as you can. If you see something you like, go home research it on the net and if it checks out buy it. You can't go wrong. Find a tech that you can take with you or take the guitar to for him to check it out. A guitar you will love is out there you just have to go find it.