I read somewhere (think it was rottentomatoes) that this movie was going to be released in IMAX form as well as regular scope form.

Is anyone else really looking forward to this movie's release?
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yeah. i found out that it was gonna be on IMAX yesterday. i wanna see it. there's an IMAX here. i hope they play it there. it looks pretty baller
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I'll be seeing it. Looks cool. And to anybody who whines that it's not historically accurate or that the camera work, etc. looks odd you must remember that it's based on a graphic novel which was stylized on purpose.
this movie's gonna b so awesome.. i hope at least..
lets see if it lives up 2 all the hype..
although if the trailers are anything 2 go by it should be absolutely amazing!
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GIven that I have yet to see a normal length film in an IMAX cinema, that would be legen - wait for it-

wait a bit more

I'm looking foward to seeing it at IMAX. The only IMAX theatre we have is at the Luxor Hotel/Casino and it's massive! I hope it's as good as it sounds.
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Looks pretty good.
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In the commercials it looks almost like it's animated or something. It doesnt look like the people are real in some shots. But the movie looks insanely freaking awesome.

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i think it looks really cool. i plan to go see it when it comes out. hopefully it wont be disappointing.
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When is it coming out?

Someone already answered you're question dude. Pay more attention.

It's March 7th in the States.

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It looks incredible. I'm definitly going to see it.
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In the commercials it looks almost like it's animated or something. It doesnt look like the people are real in some shots. But the movie looks insanely freaking awesome.

That's because it is animated.

EDIT: I'd really like to see it. Let's see if I have enough money when it omes out.
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None of the trailers seem to work for QuickTime logo on it ripped in half ] =.
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And I near piss myself everytime I see the commercial.

This will bein the top 5 movies of the year, along with Transformers, TMNT, Spiderman 3, and, now, Pan's Labrynth
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