Tonight I'm trying to learn about speaker emulation. I know that it's possible to run an emulated guitar sound out of a preamp box and then through a simulation of the acoustic properties of say a Celestion. I was looking this one up when I discovered that it's possible to run part, or all, of your signal out of an amp head, through a powerbrake and then through a speaker simulation and into the mixing desk with a signal matching an amp mic. This sounds kind of cute for some applications, but what about actually playing a big amp head straight into a recording device without the quad box.

As far as I can make out groovetubes invented a box in the mid 80's that would combine all these functions. You can drive a tube head up to full, then use the attenuator to back off the signal to say only deliver half that power through to the stack so you can get the sound of a DSL100 turned up to 11, without having excessive volume on stage.

I think you are then also able to simultaneously take some of that signal and feed it straight into the mixing desk, bypassing the need for mics on the stack, and this rather clever box simulates the accoustic properties of celestion speakers, and even allows you to dial in the angle that the virtual mic is placed at.

I like the idea of one of these to play serious amp heads straight into a pair of headphones for rehearsing at night, for recording straight into the desk, and for being able to get the sound of a screaming marshall through the PA without actually having to have jet-take-off volumes behind the band on stage. I went to a metal-core gig the other day where the drummer was actually wearing earmuffs because he had a stack right beside him, and that seemed rediculous seeing as how the sound actually needed to be going out through the PA, not through the musicians.

The groovetubes original design has at various times been made under license by marshall. I've found a few articles on it.

Marshall SE100 on amptone.

random reviews of the SE100

The latest (I think) version from groovetubes

I can't actually find any mention of this device on the site, so if anyone has actually used one of these, I'd love to know more. I very much doubt that the sound of a marshall quad can be truly emulated, but this little toy has certain attractions.

I think this is the point where purists start flaming me. I should add that I'm looking for conveniance, not the "perfect sound"
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Yeh bypassing the need for mics is convenient, but mics give your sound more realism IMO. I read this acticle of John Frusciante talking about speaker simulation and he didnt like it because the air particles add to the sound. Im no where near as much of a purist as him but mics are probably better (thats why all musicians wear good earplugs) but for convenience this emulation theory sounds pretty good.
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