I've been looking into buying a new amp, and im not exactly sure in what direction i should be going.

I play mostly metal, everything from old school thrash to new school metalcore, from Metallica and Megadeth to Pantera and Slayer to Trivium and Maiden, even some As I Lay Dying in drop C, and sometimes even some hardcore like Hatebreed or Terror.

I was thinking of going with a marshall head and just toying around with some pedals at the store untill i found a sound i was happy with. But then i was also thinking of a Krank head or maybe a Crate head. I'm looking to spend around 1500 on a head, so give me your ideas on the ultimate metal head, no pun intended.
look for used & your probably better off getting a combo, but if you want just a head congrats.
Peavey 5150 - if you dont care for cleans
Laney TT50 - if its heavy enough (head version is available)
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