Is this Marshall MG50DFX a good amp. i played it in my guitar shop and it souns brill but wondered if there are any side effects
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omg prepare for severe flaming if the marshall mg series, they are terribl amps, pooryy made, sound crap are horribly overpriced
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true. you can get better for a little more money
but, if you like that sound ... get it
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They are pretty mediocre, in most people's opinions. You can usually get a lot better for the money.
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Try some other amps a tiny bit higher in price. If you still like it better then buy it if you want.
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Yeh no ones stopping you, but before you do try a Roland/Boss cube, way better - the MG breaks down, I used one at school and it cut out infront of 1000 people, never again will I go near an MG.
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