looking to sell or trade my mint condition Schecter Triple X. the guitar is incredible, I just don't play it enough and am not recording anything right now and could use the cash for equipment that's more necessary as my amp was stolen. it's 24 frets on a 25 1/2" scale, dancing girl inlays, duncan designed humbuckers that were modeled after a Duncan JB & 59. black finish, and a set neck. no scratches, dings or dents. string thru tune-o-matic bridge for optimum sustain. full white binding on top, neck & headstock, and also has grover tuners. also comes with a hardshell case

I'm looking to get $400, or willing to possibly trade for amp equipment, whether that a cab or head. also, I would be interested in any PRS SE guitars, or Gibson Faded SG's for trade as well.

sorry that the pics have a weird glare on them. the flash shines off the finish.

email me at mardigianmark@yahoo.com

note- the first photo back/front isn't actual guitar. I just used it to illustrate the total look of the guitar.

Quote by ismokerox
i got cash in hand. very interested please pm me !!!!!!!!!

didnt get the pm, could you send it again, and would you accept any trades to help lower the price... rent is gonna kill me this month...but i need a new guitar,,lol