A song I made for my band.
No lyrics yet
there is a small solo, but it will probably change because the other guitarist is better than me

crit for crit

I made a change to the ending and posted it below
I like it better, but input is great, too
hard rock.zip
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the reason the keyboards are there is because we have a keyboardist, so i cant just have him playing nothing
ill check yours out now
i liked the flow of the song, intro riff is quite catchy. i agree with saddam, the solo is great, very melodic and flows well with the song. dont change it

thanks for the crit
The beginning kinda reminds me of video game music lol. The riff after that is pretty sick. The solo is great, nice job with that.

Overall, the song is great. Things that you need to work on are the drums and the keyboards. Try not having them harmonize with that guitar riff, maybe try having some sort of choir ahhhh effect or something. The way they are now makes it sound kinda cheesy.

I like this alot, great job! Though I dunno if this is hard rock, sounded kinda like metalcore or somehting.
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i agree with november rain give it some harmony. the intro riff is good but by the end it gets a little repetetive mabey halfway through the final riff have the second guitar move an octave up or something. and I like NovemberRains idea to give the keyboards an ahhhh effect

Other than that Its great. Good job on the solo it just kinda flowed with the rest of the song

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bridge and solo are great. very melodic, and not too technical in the solo

well done.
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This was great. i can't really find anything wrong with it, nice riffs and a great solo. I really liked the riff on 11-22 and the awkward rhythms in the chorus sounded surprisingly good. The best part is probably the bridge, or it is at least my favourite riff in the song. And i don't think you should take away the harmonizing part of the riff for the verse, it sounds better with it.
Wait, maybe you could do something else with the keyboard instead of it following the guitar all the time? that's the only thing i can think of.
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