Ok here's the deal. My band has decided we need a bit more than a 15W guitar amp to plug mics into. I've been doing some research, and it looks like you could either buy a full PA system, or buy a mixer and speakers seperately. My budget is no more than 400 bucks canadian for everything. I'm going to need at most 4 inputs.


That would be pretty well exactly what I'm looking for, but I realise the low cost will not give the greatest quality, so I'm willing to spend a bit more.

Any suggestions?
Are the package deals worth it? Or would you get better quality with a seperate mixer and speakers.
go and buy one used. you can get better quality, but a little more age (and luckily better settings) and an overall better deal. noneed to buy pa's used there are so many crappy deals, for $300 you can get a much better sounding, louder and better quality pa used. if you dont have mics, get a behringer 3 pack for like $30. i have shure sm58's and sennheisers and these keep right up.