i'm thinking about buying an ESP LTD EC-50 guitar and was wondering if anyone owned one and could answer a few questions for me?

1. are the tuning pegs tight? does it stay in tune easily?

2. does it have good sustain? what do sweeping/pinching harmonics sound like on it?

any pros and cons would be appriciatted also

I have been the owner of an ESP LTD EC-50 and absolutely loved it.

I am aware I am using past tense verbs. This is because during a show, I tossed the guitar and the strap broke... well you can imagine what happened.

Anywho, the guitar is a fantastic piece of machinery for such a low price.

To answer your questions:

The tuning pegs are very tight. In fact I would also comment that it stayed in tune significantly better than my $600 Epiphone Elitist SG.

Pinches sound pretty fantastic. The guitar really seems set up for any type of metal or hardcore sound. It completed our Post-hardcore band extremely well.

My only real gripe with the guitar was how it "felt." The guitar kind of has that $200 guitar feel. By that I mean that it doesn't feel as playable as a perfectly adjusted Ibanez or Schecter.

I whole heartedly recommend you pick up this guitar as long as you don't expect it to feel like a Gibson or high-end Ibanez. But if you are looking for a fantastic mid-range guitar, then you are in luck.