I'm using a ibanez S470DX which has a zr bridge.

Now there are 2 parts I'm going to talk about at the zr bridge.

The clampy thing, and the screw with tightens the clampy thing.

I snapped my high e string at the clampy thing, and I tried loosing the screw for the clampy thing as I normally would, but the clampy thing wouldn't loosen and I unscrewed the screw all the way out.

So I have this tiny broken high e string stuck in the clampy thing and I'm not even sure how to take it out because the screw wont even work.

I can't even restring it because of this.

Can anyone plz help?
Larrivée D-03R
US Fender Telecaster, Vox AC15
ummm try turning the guitar upside down... and bumping it to try and dislodge it... i had that problem once... but it came out... after a couple bumps or tap the bridge next to it... that i tried as well... also... dont tighten it as much next time... you dont need to go crazy with it to keep the strings in there... tight yes, over tight... no
I've tried all that and you can't get it from the back because the string only goes in at the front
Larrivée D-03R
US Fender Telecaster, Vox AC15