Bob Dylan

Living legend

2 Brit Award nominations at about 100

Still touring

(Somehow) still alived

Loved by Cash, The Beatles and preatty much everyone else

Recent number one album a masterpiece (Modern Times)

Greatest of all time?


noop, he couldnt sing was(and is) a crap performer and cant play the guitar or piano particularly well.

However, he is pretty much the most amazing song writer to have a ever lived (as far as my knowledge goes) so imo he cant be THE GREATEST, maybe the greatest songwriter but not the greatest artist.

I also think is fame is rather circumstantial, there were alot of amazingly talented people around at the time but the media/labels picked him to focus on because of his attitude and marketability, the fact that he wouldnt have any of it just made him all the more popular, as with so many in history (kurt cobain and the like).
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What? Bob Dylan kicked ass. I love his singing. And he was certainly an amazing songwriter.
i didnt say dylan doesnt kick ass, i guess if u like his singing fair enough but there are many much much much better singers in the world....