In many guitar-pro tab, there's thing like that :


I want to fnow if it is a chord and if yes how do you play it !
i have never seen that..
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It is a chord...it's a ****ing disgusting chord, but it is a chord.
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It's like a G bar chord . . . but not.
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a real guitarist would grow a 3rd arm and play that...

1st to put the capo on the 5th,
2nd to play the G-ish chord,
3th to strum....

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I fnow, it was just an example I just want to say that I don't got 6 fingers ! How do you play it !!!!!!!!!!!!??????????
I can't find any way to play that.

It might be someone transcribing a piano part to guitar
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I'd say it's a chord played ON PIANO! Jeez man, is the voice on Guitar Pro even a guitar part?
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i dont think the kiddy (sorry if you're not a kiddy) means that exact chord,
i think that was just an example of a chord that takes up six strings and he doesnt know how you can cover all the six strings, am i right?

well if its you're average joe chord covering all six strings you usuallly need to baare (sp?) a couple of them, someone else can explain...
Ive only seen a guitar played like this a time or two...and it wasn't used too much...only for a standing transition chord. The guy I saw would use two hands to fret and strum with the free fingers of the strumming hand.

Right hand:
Thumb=9th fret E string
Index= 8th fret A string

Left Hand:
Index= D,G string 5th fret
Ring finger=B string 7th fret
Pinky= e string 8th fret

strum with the unoccupied fingers of your right hand.

Its an ugly sounding chord anyways...**** it.
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you could use a capo on the 5th fet i guess, but i have no f*ing clue

Looking at it again I'd say that's the most likely answer.

It's just a G shape moved up the neck.
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It's can be a contraction and genitive case.

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I'd leave off the top C because you already have the 5th fret on the G string, barre the 5th fret and then the stretch left is managable.
its either a chord on piano or u can use a capo on 5th but i really havent seen that, maybe a super supended chord
I think he's just using that evil-looking voicing as an example...anything that covers all 6 strings like that is a barre chord, there'll be a lesson on them in, well, the lessons section!
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it sounds terrible and it's difficult to play

i suposse it's something like a piano transcription
Sounds terrible. Take off the C# on the top and it sounds kinda wicked. As for playing it, don't. But if you must use a capo on the 5th Fret.
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depending on how the chord it is used you oculd tap it all. if you fret a few of the strings with your left hand and then come in and tap the remaining strings with your right hand as you pull your fingers from the strings with your left hand as well.
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Well maybe if you have some mad pinky holding down two strings not next to each other it wouldn't be so hard..
Sweep picking?
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