Okay, so I'm planning to do some Progressive/Symphonic instrumental metal stuff in the near future, with a lot of distorted guitars and ethereal sounds.
One problem:
The orchestration.
Does anyone know of a good program that simulates real orchestra sounds? FruityLoops has synth sounds, but that's not what I'm looking for.
And I know it's not that cool to have electric stuff in songs, but I'm not able to find an orchestra right now. Maybe I'll record the whole thing with the school orchestra as soon as I've got all the arrangements done, but for now a program will have to suffice.

Thank you.

EDIT: and I don't need any "metal suxxx0r5" posts, they will be treated as spam and reported.
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Hmmm...I don't know any, but a program like that would be cool. Have you tried simply searching google?
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yeah, just did. Damn, they're pricey. Know of any freeware ones?

EDIT: just found one for 3000 euros. it has 138GB of samples!!
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well a lot of symphonic metal bands have keyboardists do all the orchestration on a keyboard couldn't you do that?

I'm planning on doing the same thing and since i don't know of an orchestra i could use i plan on using a keyboard to do the orchestral work, either that or midi.
Fruity loops does have orchestral sounds, if you find the newest one, i'm sure you could get what you're looking for.
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don't have a good keyboard either. Basically, I just want a program that has decent string, brass and woodwind sounds on it. I guess like on a keyboard. But don't symphonic metal bands use mainly string sounds?
I have fruity loops 5, is that the newest one? Where would I get normal violin and woodwind sounds? I've only been able to find synth sounds.
6 is the newest one man. I've got some nice sounds out of it.
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