I'm looking for an inexspensive amp to give me kind of modern lead tones a la Satch or Vai. Do you think the following could do it? Keep in mind I have some good distortion pedals to put in front of them.

Epi Valve Jr Head with a 1x12 Cab

Carvin SX50

Epi Valve Special Combo

Line 6 Flextone I

EDIT: Added Line 6 Flextone I
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Quote by Spazz128735
you might want to try Satch's signature amp...

whoah, nvm. expenisve little ****ers.

Satch and Peavey have a new amp coming out, a smaller version of the JSX that probably wont sound as good but Im assuming it will be alright. I think its the Super Collosal or something? Dunno the price on it though, may be worth a look.
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It's the mini collasal i think. Fender and peavey are trying to catch up to epiphone on the 5w tube amps.
I'm pretty into the Flextone right now . . . but do you think 60W is way too much headroom for a bedroom/recording amp?
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Well, Ihave the Carvin SX-100 and it sounds awesome. One of the best clean channels i have ever heard (and this is a SS), but i have noticed that the distortion sounds its best when its turned up very loud (around 5), it gets a great chunky tight low end, and it cuts through well. Hope that helps
You should also check out the Peavey Studio Pro 112, it sounds good at low volumes, has a great clean channel, and 3 differrent distortion settings. It has plenty of bottom and gives a good clean sound.