I just listened to the stone that breaks, thought it was really good. I think that if you had some really incomprehensible distorted screaming vocals in the heavy middle part, you'd sound like Isis, and that would be cool I think. The transition out of the heavy part into the clean outro could be smoother, but the first transition was great. I think the clean part needs something a little more over the top, synth or something. Cool though, I'll check out the others too.
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the acoustic one is quite different from the others (which BTW sound a bit like Tallica Nothing Else Matters style), the acoustic is sorta folkish with that haunting heavy sound with the off beats, sweetish stuff...
"The Stone that Breaks" and "Serenade of the Sands" both had a nice groove and rhythm section, but I thought the lead parts fell short. You had some very good ideas, but you need to ween out the excess. Overall, I liked what I heard. Keep working on them.

The acoustic song was great. I enjoyed it.
I gave them a listen ...

Acoustic Agmnt. - Very cool. Them are some nice acoustic recordings. Very calm and the reverb was great with it.

Where`s DIO - Interesting title

Stone the Breaks - Like the intro. There`s a band from Germany I listen to called `Mystic Prophecy` this song remeinded me of them for some reason, I really enjoyed it.

Serenade of the sand - I like the solo guitar with the pinch harmonics during the intro - nice touch!

The stone that breaks: The electric tone is just lacking to me for some reason. I can't quite pinpoint it, but the tone is missing something. Good song none the less, just needs a little work.

Acoustic arrangement: So far this sounds very mellow and pretty. Nice relaxing guitar song. Good job!

Serenade of the sands: The pinch harmonics get annoying rather quickly. Seems a bit sloppily played at times, but a good start to work a song around.

Where's DIO: Good main riff. Song just finished, seems it was only a riff. ;P Good riff though.