i'm really confused about this. i have a pretty crappy setup, an epiphone SG starter pack with a bad amp. i doubt that i'd be able to get his tone, since he uses a strat after all, but i've seen videos on youtube where nonstrat players have gotten a similar tone.

here's a sample of the tone gilmour gets. it's so nice on this song:


here's a random one i found on youtube. it's not that good, but i do like the tone somewhat. it's probably the closest someone like me get get to:


many thanks
you will not get a very good tone with your equipment not matter what you do. However, you can try to get close. As you can hear, he uses plenty of reverb and a little delay. If your amp has built in delay dial in a bit. Play with the neck pickup with the tone rolled back a little bit, and give yourself plenty of high and low end (1 to 3 o clock) on your amp eq. Give yourself moderate mids, about 12 o clock.
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