I have 350 bucks and am buying a new guitar. I have narrowed it down to two guitars in my price range but il Tell you what i play first. I play alot of Soundgarden, Stevie ray vaughn, Hendrix, Alice In chains, Black Sabbath, Nirvana,Rage against the machine, Led Zepellin, Metallica, Stone temple piltos. ok well that gives an idea atleast. But the guitar im looking at now are the. Epiphone Les paul goth, or the Ibanez arc100, I also was thinking maybe save another 50 bucks up and by a standard strat whats your opinion?

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I hate to sound like a broken record, but strat..now if you think you might get into a heavier style, then go with the Ibanez arc100, I love them for metal, Thats just me though
No strat. If you want a trem, you basically f*cked, but try any ibanez rg with hard tail
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