Im not sure which amp i should get so im turning to you UG. I play rock most oftenly (generally on the harder side such as Metallica, Nirvana, etc.) and have about $400 CAD. My options are as follows:

1. Line 6, Spider 3 - 75 watt
2. Vox, AD30VT - 30 watts
3. Behringer, V Tone GMX212 - 2 x 60 watts
4. Behringer, V Ampire 210 - 60 watts?
5. Orange, Crush 30R - 30 watts
6. Fender, FM212R - 100 watts

Im thinking about joining a band soon so keep in my it has to be able to play over drums. (how many watts are necessary to play over drums anyways?)

Now, I love my fender, So the Fender is a must for me, its great for its destorson, and not to over kill, Its the amp I was also thinking about buying, If you like to sit there you can make it about any sound you want it, and only at a 400 dollar price tag, but amps are like chicks, to each their own, I think you should always try it before yah buy it too, Hope it helps

The Vox are really good but i think you'll want around 100 watts to be safe or gigs and stuff.

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About 30-50 SS watts are needed to get you over drums, depending on what you're drummer is like.

The only decent amp out of them i'd reccomend is the Vox, (Although I like the Frontmans cleans, the OD is crap, it'd be good for just running pedals through.) however it might not be loud enough. Roland Cube 60 might just be in your price range.
Thanks for your opinion. I forgot to add though i already have an EHX metal muff, so im not to worried about distortion. However i would like it to have good clean tones as well for some lead work.
If you have a metal muff, go with the Vox. Itll be perfect, I gigged with my Vox AD50 a few times and used my MT-2 along with an EQ for distortion. Mind you I had to mic my amp and stuff but all is good.
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Maybe have a look into Hughes&Kettner if you can get some.. If not, get the Fender or the Vox, depending on your drummer..

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Out of those the Vox.
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