i wanna get a behringer 300W

or a fender 100W rumble

but ill need too save up 70 bucks more
but theres a feature on it that looks like u can plug in a mic cable into it (i dont have a clue about mics i dunno even no what side of the cable goes into the mic its self)and we dont wanna spend more money on ANOTHER amp..... so ehh help me out on both here............please?
I personally would go for the fender, more speakers, better quality. I have a behringer bb210 for a cab. However, that amp feels cheap. Get the fender. As for the XLR input (I think thats what it is) Thats just for sending your amp signal to a mixing board during live/recording sessions.

For instance, my Hartke 3500 has a rather noisy fan and it might be audible during recording if I were to mike the Cab. So I would use this to send it right on to the board.
Go with the Fender. I've played a Rumble 100 and it sounded absolutely gorgeous. and as for a mic, yeah, ur probably gonna have to get another amp.
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