what is so good about the epiphone elitist les pauls? is it better to get an elitist epiphone les paul or a gibson les paul for around $1500 canadian
in my opinion/experience

LP Studio < Epi Elitist < LP Classic < LP Standard

so if your budget is just enough for an elitist or a studio, i would suggest the elitist. but if you can go higher you might look into a Gibby Classic or Standard
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I'd take an Elitist over a Studio anyday. The Elitist are basically handcrafted, where as Studios are the budget end Gibsons, and are mainly machine produced. There's a lot higher attention to detail with the Elitist Les Pauls compared to the Studios. You really have to watch what you're going to buy if you're thinking of a Studio. Get out to a few stores and try out some Studios. If you find a decent one out of the Lemons, then get it!

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