I been playing for nearly 2 years... and im stuck... cant improve my playing... best think i can do is Black Dog (without the solo)

I cant afford a teacher, dont have money or time for it...

What do u recommend?

Is there any other complete guide like this (or less boring) to practice and guarantee that ull improve in time?

I been doing lots and lots of internet lessons, but none of them are a complete guide to improve you playing...

So... should i really start practicing this Vai's lesson?
How much time a day?

Any suggestions?
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try harder stuff? or get into new bands with harder stuff like for you i would suggest Metallica maybe? if your into them it's up to you but try to find some different stuff to play
i thought it was a 30 hour workout, at least thats the one i have
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dude i now what you mean and feel , you think you got to the point where you no there so much more to learn but you feel like your not learning anymore.

i had that feeling a month ago where i was on the point on giving up.

just let it pass, try messing around with your guitar make a few tunes, pratice your speed then put it to the sweeping to it ect:

e.g train sweeping then go for the song called sweeping from heaven xD..man thats hard