We all have at least one in our group.
My friend Chris has a terrible sense of humor and laughs at nothing. Its even worse because he has the strangest, most irritating laugh youve ever heard. Sometimes I wonder why I even talk to him at all.
So go ahead and share your rants/stories about your annoying friends.
There's this one kid that just stands around not saying any thing and ****ing with peoples stuff when they aren't looking. I swear to god I'm going to stab him one day.
i is cool
Yeah, I have one back at home, not at uni though. The one at home drinks all the time, is a complete sucker for peer pressure (he took coke just becuase his friends were) and is generally just annoying. I don't actually really like him and only put up with him cos some of my other mates like him
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Ehh, I know a few people that keep hanging around me even though I really don't like them.

Not really my friends though.
lmao ya''l need to listen to Dane Cook,he does an awesome thing on this subject
i got this one friend, hes 14, his mom tells him not to play grand theft auto games or hard rock on his guitar, hes never played gta and hes never played anything with more distortion than zeppelin songs, he listens to his mom, hes a total idiot,
he doesnt even curse when his mom is miles away because, "My mom says cursing is bad"
karen is always a bag of douche.

then theres ****ing brian.
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And thanks MotleyCrueSATD, that was pretty awesome.

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Oh yeah this same friend also tried to ask my love interest to the prom. For some reason he tought she said yes, and told a bunch of people. So tomorow he's gonna like an idiot so Im not mad.
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Fucking Brian...

Hey, where you from in New York?
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