Hey everybody, I started playing guitar in August, but I wasn't progressing very well, and i got kinda bored so i quit. Well eventually somebody told me about this site, and I found a whole bunch of tabs, and my motivation went way up every since I learned that i can play a few songs, my favorite being Iron Man. So for the past week and a half i started playing again and have been practising guitar with a high level of motivation, and i get even more motivated with the progress that i can see in a couple of days after I started practising scales regularly. and now I am practicing chords too.

Anyway, my question is what exactly should I be practising? Right now I practice the basic major scales, and open chords. Should I be practising arpeggios and other things too? When should I start practising more advanced things?
learn all the major and minor scales, pentatonic scales, major chords, minor chords, barre chords then move up
Um.. you should practice your down-stroke picking, up-stroke picking, alternate picking, vibratos, bends, but mostly scales and chords. Then learn some more songs for motaivation!
^Lawl. Learn how to read tablature, which is the format of most songs you'll find transcripted on the internet. Now do what i did, type in Misc for the band name, and go to Misc. Then learn really simple songs like twinkle twinkle little star, and also try to play songs you like. While doing this read up about scales, chords, and etc. Then if you get bored , try making up your own little tunes.
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and to the threadstarter

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2- keep practicing scales, learn some solos and some riffs and you'll be fine
I'm sorry, but I can't get over your spelling. It's practicing, not practising. And start practicing the more advanced stuff when you feel you're ready too.
they spell it practising in england i think.

if u want to get extremely serious about guitar then learn scales and stuff. otherwise just learn songs.
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I'm sorry, but I can't get over your spelling. It's practicing, not practising.

If you look at their message you'll see they're all in there. They just can't make up their mind which one they want to use.

And also, it can be spelt practising.

Back on topic. I'd suggest you might want to learn the usuals that people have said and also learn the layout of the fretboard. It'll be easier later on down the line, when you know which note is on which fret etc.
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Practice the chromatic scale using strictly alternate picking like 1,2,3,4,3,2,1 thing for the next 4 year. And gradually increase speed as necessary.
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I'm in the same sort of position as you, sort of. Here is what I'm doing at the moment. I borrow "how to play guitar" books from the local library and do a couple of lessons that I fancy out of them. I am now trying to speed up my barre chord changing skills. Also thinking of buying an effects pedal like a compressor.