hey all, new song for my band, been writing for a few days now and i think its pretty good, any good criticism is welcome as are suggestions for improvements etc.
Call Forth The Plague.zip
cheers for the comments guys!
haha yea i know the slap bass is annoying, the only reason i did it in slap bass is that with some of the others it can be difficult to hear on guitar pro, the actual finished thing won't be slapped
The intro sounded quite chaotic, mainly the drums. That made it sound quite odd to me

Everything else sounds good, it's making me nod my head so that must be worth something

Also, I think it sounds much better if you change the Slap Bass to Pick Bass

edit: I think the ending went really well also
wow I really like this man. I disagree on the chaotic critiques earlier, it's an excellent powerful opening to a song that never really lets up. I can feel the thrash/metalcore feel to it and it works really damn well.

Thanks for the C4C btw.
Oppression, quiet and Repressed
Swept under the seams
the bed of the acquiesced
where we sleep, insomniac dreams
It's really thrashing and chaotic, I could totally headbang to this. THe slap bass added a wierd texture to the sound, still not sure whether or not I like it. The sweep arpeggios sounded wierd as well, they didnt suit the chords they were being played over.

Overall, pretty cool song, but it needs tweaking.
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