well, i want to start messing around with recording stuff and editing and all that craic, but . . . . i dont know how! so basically, what should i use? should i connect my amp to my comp? use a Mic? how doe i do either? what gear will i have to buy? and is ther any decent free editing software, im not looking for something like protools or anthing! just somthing basic to mess around with.

thank you very much for your help!
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cool edit pro has better quality i find though( even though its a bit more complicated to use
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if you haven't read or posted in the recording forum then do that. im sure you can get more help there.

there are a few ways you can record. you can mic your amp or use a DI box. If you have a good amp and love the tone from it I'd use a mic. If you dont like your amp then use a DI box.
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