alright im auditioning for the an art scholarship to Transylvania University
Im going to play either Erik Mongrain's "Airtap" or Antione Dufours "spiritual groove"

i can play spiritual groove well, except for the tapping harmonics
how exactly do i perform a tap harmonic?
i would love to know

also the audition requires to know all scales with at least 2 or 3 sharps or flats and up or down 1 or 2 octaves and i must play a peice at the judges request

and i cant read music and i dont know my scales
i just play well

what should i do?
your screwed go learn your scales man seriously

go buy a scale book there so easy

u sir wont' be able to get into a university without being able to read music hmm spritual groove sounds good but i think u need to get more practice and learn ur scales and read music ....... sad thing about guitarist today they cna't read music

but what do i know im only 15
See music courses are about theory. You'll need to learn the theory.
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Learn the notes on the guitar, and notes on a written scale. Try your best at playing simple notes for sheet music, then gradually try harder sheet music (most sheet music is blues, jazz, etc.). Best bet at learning it fast would be get lessons or follow my advice. Good luck!
alright thanks, i just dont know how to read music
i know like the note and stuf FACEG and etc...kinda i do

like i took music in school and im going to take music theory..i looked at a music theory lesson and i didnt really understand it..though i didnt try to

what about the tap harmonics?
To play a natural harmonic(tap harmonic) you need to keep your fretting finger on a string at the 12 fret for 1 octave or 5 for 2 octaves very lightly and at the same time pick or pluck the string and release your fretting finger from the string. It tough at first but you'ill get the timing right after a while.

As a musician i think you seriously need to learn your scales.
like i know the scales like what they're based around like major pentatonic is kinda like 57and thers and 8 and if you move up the neck its loike 9 10 and 11...i know 9, 10 ,11 from the small part in Blood Red Summer by coheed and cambria,

but like he actually taps the harmonics with his right hand
is it something with finger pick or whaT?
im pretty sure he is just hitting the strings with his bare fingers on the harmonics. practice should allow you to be able to do this.
thanks guys
hopefully i can be impressive enough to pass
oh well i have next year also